St. Leo's Catholic Cemetery

This cemetery is located 0.4 miles east of CR 6 (43 Spur) on F Rd – South Side (Along NE HWY 2).
"St. Leo’s Catholic Church’s first cemetery was a donation of one acre by Mr. Klause, two miles west and one and a half miles south of town.  This was obtained in 1871.  It was disposed of during the 1879-88 pastorate of Father Eugene Cusson, and chiefly through the endeavors of Mike Maguire.  The present more advantageous site north of town was purchased from the Rev. J. M. Taggart.  The purchase consisted of two and a half acres south of the road dividing it from the town cemetery.
To this new place the remains of the occupants of the old cemetery were transferred.  A crude fence was placed around it which was burned by a prairie fire some years later.  It remained fenceless until Father I. J. Lauzon came.  In 1909, he had a net-wire fence erected.  The work was superintended by James P. Mahoney and John Carroll, his trustees. 
In the past, a crucifix stood in the cemetery.  When it deteriorated, it was buried in the grave of the only priest in the cemetery, a former pastor in 1901, Fr. Paul Brounts.
In 2002, parishioners under the direction of Gerald Royal and Duane Bremer cleared out the old cedar trees along the north side.  Then, a new black chain-link fence was put around the cemetery.  In 2008, the Palmyra Girl Scouts built a bulletin board and placed it at the center of the cemetery.  Materials were donated in honor of Arnold and Helen Bremer.
The previous two-lane Highway 2 ran along the north side of the cemetery.  Currently the newer four-lane Highway 2 runs along the south side of the cemetery." (1)
Burials Listings: A complete listing of burials has been compiled by the Otoe County Genealogical Society, and can be found in our 'Otoe County Cemeteries' CD-ROM, which is available for purchase on our Publications web page.
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Point of Contact:
St. Leo's Catholic Church
330 West 8th Street
Palmyra, NE 68418
(402) 780-5535
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Works Cited:

(1)  Barak, Christopher. "History of St. Leo's Catholic Cemetery." (2009). Print.


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