Corbin Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located on private property, 0.1 mile to the south and 0.1 mile to the west of the intersection of 38th and 'F' roads.
"Joshua Corbin was born in Massachusetts, August 28, 1801, and there married Almira Barret, January 25, 1834.  She was born in Massachusetts about 1805 or 1806.  They were still living in Massachusetts in January 1832, where their older children were born.  Joshua Corbin came to Otoe County in the 1850’s and acquired some land, for in April 1860, his real estate taxes for 1859 were delinquent.  The family was not listed in Otoe County in the 1860 census.  It seems likely that the family had gone to the mines in Colorado.
Mrs. Almira Corbin was listed as head of the family in March 1865.  She was a native of Massachusetts and was 60 years old.  There were six people living with her at that time, but their relationship to Mrs. Corbin isn’t certain.  These were probably her children: John, aged 21 years; Alvin, aged 18; Andrew, aged 16; and Matilda, aged 11.  All were born in Massachusetts.  There was also Caroline Corbin, aged 24, born in Massachusetts, perhaps a daughter-in-law and the one year old, Mary S., perhaps a granddaughter.
Joshua Corbin was in Delaware Precinct in March 1867 when he was assessed for personal taxes.  His wife Almira was assessed in 1866 and from 1868 to 1872.  Mrs. Corbin was still living on her farm in Delaware Precinct in June 1870.  The only person living with her then was Mary Corbin, aged 17, born in Wisconsin.  Possibly she was the Matilda Corbin of five years earlier.
On February 21, 1878, Mrs. Corbin was fatally injured by falling from her wagon while on her way home from Nebraska City.  She was 72 years of age and was well known in her neighborhood, for she was ready to go to the assistance of anyone in distress.  She was survived by eight children, many of them living in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Henry Corbin and Marcus Corbin were living in Otoe County.
Children of Joshua and Almira (Barret) Corbin:
1.Chleo V., born March 14, 1826 at Massachusetts
2.George, born December 30, 1827 at Massachusetts
3.Marcus B., born November 2, 1829 at Massachusetts
4.Charles H., later called Henry C., born January 11, 1832 at Massachusetts
5.Two or three children, names not known
6.John J., born about 1839
7.Alvin E., born about 1843
8.Andrew, born about 1845
9.Matilda, born about 1849" (1)
Burial Listing:A complete listing of burials has been compiled by the Otoe County Genealogical Society, and can be found in our 'Otoe County Cemeteries' CD-ROM, which is available for purchase on our Publications web page.
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(1) Dale, Raymond Elmer. Otoe County Pioneers: a Biographical Dictionary. Lincoln, Neb.: [s.n.], 1961. 583-584. Print.

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