Otoe Cemetery (Union)

This cemetery is located 0.5 mile east of the intersection of 40th and 'D' roads, on the north side of the road.  This cemetery was originally affiliated with St. Luke's Evangelical Church, and is also known as 'Otoe Cemetery' as well.
 "St. Luke's Lutheran Church had its beginning in informal services held in settler's homes during the late 1850s. By the late 1860s, St. Luke's was formally organized and services were held in the District 4 school house, Otoe County. The church operated under the auspices of the Alleghany Synod of the Old German Synod and was served by traveling ministers including H.W. Kuhn of Omaha and John Groenmiller of Rockport, Missouri. In 1867 Rev. Eli Huber of Nebraska City began serving St. Luke's on a regular basis.
From 1876-1880 St. Luke's was affiliated with the old Nebraska Synod. The church was served by two pastors during these years: Rev. Peshau, 1876-1878; and Rev. Dietrich, 1878-1979. In 1880 St. Luke's received a new pastor, Rev. Spriegel, who would remain until 1912. The Congregation erected its church building in 1882-1883, a meeting-house style structure with bell tower, and pane-glass windows. This structure seated 150 and served 50-60 families.
In 1902 some of the members left St. Luke's to form the St. John's Lutheran Church in Otoe. The two congregations became one parish in 1913, served by a single pastor, the Rev. Mikkelson. In 1914 St. Luke's began shifting from German to English services, and by 1930, only one service each month was in the German language. By 1936 all services were in English.
In 1926 the church requested the Rev. Bold of the Delaware Lutheran Church to take over their parish, which brought the church into the Iowa Synod. In 1931 the Iowa Synod joined the Buffalo Synod to form the American Lutheran Church. In 1956 St. Luke's was closed and soon after, the building was demolished.“ (1)
Point of Contact: If you desire more information about this cemetery, please contact the Otoe County Genealogical Society and we will try and provide you with as much information about the cemetery as possible.
Burial Listing:  Can be found in Members Only Section.
Gravestone Photographs:  http://www.findagrave.com
Cemetery Photographs:
Works Cited:

(1)  "St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Otoe, Neb.)." Nebraska State Historical Society Home Page. Web. 07 Sept. 2010.

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