Warden Cemetery

Warden Cemetery
This cemetery is located on private property in the Four Mile precinct, and is located 0.4 mile to the east, and 0.25 mile to the south of the intersection of 68th and 'L' roads.
"John Warden, a farmer born in Virginia, came to Otoe County probably in 1856.  In the August census of that year he and his family were listed with their post office at Bennett’s Ferry.  His family consisted of his wife and seven children under sixteen years of age, one boy and six girls.  There were also two men over 21 years of age living in the family.  On March 18, 1856, John Warden filed on a quarter section of land in the southern part of Nebraska City Precinct, southeast of Nebraska City.  He filed on this land again on May 8, 1858, after the Land Office opened at Nebraska City.
Mr. Warden and his family were recorded in the 1860 census, where he was called a farmer.  His age was given as 32 years, but he must have been about 40.  Julia Warden, his wife, was given as 31, but according to her death record later; she must have been about 35.  Both were born in Virginia.  There were eight children in the family:  Mary and James, twins, aged sixteen years; Elizabeth, aged thirteen; Celia, aged eleven; Martha, aged nine; Margaret, aged seven; Lethagesta, aged three; and Nancy, aged two.  The six oldest children were born in Virginia, the two youngest in Nebraska.
In January 1862, Mr. Warden joined the Union League at Nebraska City and took the oath of allegiance.  John Warden was not mentioned again for some time.  In February 1866, he took up some stray cows and in 1866 and 1868 he was assessed in Nebraska City Precinct for personal taxes.  In August 1866, he was arrested in Nebraska City for being drunk and for disturbing the peace.  On September 30th, November 22nd, and November 25th, 1867, the newspaper noted that John Warden was drunk again.  This must have been an extreme case, for the news in those days seldom-mentioned drunkenness.
Early in September 1867, Mr. Warden registered as a voter in Nebraska City Precinct.  John Warden was listed as a farmer in the Four Mile Precinct in the 1870 census.  His age was given as 50 years, and that of Julia, his wife, as 45.  Both were probably correct.  Of the children named in 1860, two were still at home:  Margaret, now sixteen; and Lettia, fourteen.  Nancy was perhaps the daughter listed as ‘M.L’, aged nine years.  There were four younger children, all born in Nebraska:  a son, ‘W.L.’, aged eight years; a son, ‘A.’, aged six; a daughter, ‘T.B.’, aged four; and a daughter, ‘M.’, six months old.
Mrs. Julia Warden died of paralysis at her home five miles south of Nebraska City, December 23rd, 1880.  She was 55 years of age and was survived by her husband and eight children.  Three weeks later, John Warden was preparing to leave for his former home in Virginia where he expected to reside.  He died August 13th, 1901." (1)
Burial Listing:A complete listing of burials has been compiled by the Otoe County Genealogical Society, and can be found in our 'Otoe County Cemeteries' CD-ROM, which is available for purchase on our Publications web page.
Cemetery Photographs:
Point of Contact:  If you desire more information about this cemetery, please contact the Otoe County Genealogical Society and we will try and provide you with as much information about the cemetery as possible.

(1) Dale, Raymond Elmer. Otoe County Pioneers: a Biographical Dictionary. Lincoln, Neb.: [s.n.], 1961. 2670-2671. Print.


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