Whitten Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located on private property in the North Branch precinct, and is located 0.1 mile to the west of the intersection of 34th and 'D' roads, on the north side of the road.
The history of the family plots are unknown, but there are two persons buried there, one being Mercy Comfort (Howard) Whitten, buried in 1870, and the other being an unidentified infant.  Mercy Whitten was the wife of John J. Whitten, and the mother of six children: Phoebe, Jacob, Mary Jane, Philinda, John, and Samuel.  The biographical history of John J. Whitten is as follows:
"John Whitten, a native of Maine, came to Otoe County with his family probably in the spring of 1856.  He first appeared in the census in August 1856.  There were three men in the family over 21 years of age and two boys under 16.  There were four women over 16 years of age and one girl under 16.  John Whitten filed for a preemption on 160 acres in the central part of what was later North Branch Precinct, August 18, 1858, and was issued a patent to that land, December 6, 1860.  The family was not living in Otoe County in 1860, but they had returned by 1865 and were then living in Syracuse Precinct.
At that time John Whitten 62 years of age and Mercy Whitten, his wife, was 56 years old.  Three of his children were still living at home: Mary, 27 years of age; John, 20 years old; and Samuel, aged 17.  The oldest of the three was born in Maine, the two youngest were born in Iowa.  In August 1858 John Whitten signed a call for a public meeting.  In April 1860 he was appointed road supervisor.  Apparently he left the county at that time.
By March 1864 he had returned for at that time he was appointed one of the appraisers of the estate of Joseph Pullen.  In May 1865 he was mentioned as taking up a stray pony.  In May 1868 he served on the jury and in June 1868 he served on the grand jury.  John Whitten was still living in Syracuse Precinct in 1870 with his sons John and Samuel on farms nearby.  Mercy, his wife, was not mentioned and had probably died.  Living with him was S.F. Whitten, a minister 71 years of age and a native of of Maine, who was probably an older brother." (1)
Burial Listing:A complete listing of burials has been compiled by the Otoe County Genealogical Society, and can be found in our 'Otoe County Cemeteries' CD-ROM, which is available for purchase on our Publications web page.
Gravestone Photographs:
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(1) Dale, Raymond Elmer. Otoe County Pioneers: a Biographical Dictionary. Lincoln, Neb.: [s.n.], 1961. 2762. Print.