Thomson Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located on private property at the intersection of 14th and 'E' roads.  There are four burials at this location.  Three of the burials are the children of Arthur and Margaret (Ronald) Thomson. Please contact the Thomson family prior to visiting the cemetery.
 PDFicon Arthur Thomson Biography        PDFicon Margaret Ronald Biography
Burials Listings:The following Thomson family members are buried at this location:
1. Agnes M. R. Thomson: 1871 - 1878
2. Robert R. B. Thomson: 1873 - 1877
3. Baby Thomson: 1879
4. Cloyd C. Thomson: 18 May 1946 - 16 Feb 1995
Gravestone Photographs:
Cemetery Photographs:
Thompsonelement371 Thompsonelement370 Thompsonelement373 Thompsonelement372
Point of Contact:  Dean Thomson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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