Schacht Cemetery

This cemetery is located 1/2 mile north and 1/4 mile west of the intersection of 36th and 'R' roads.  A gravel road leads to the entrance.
"In the early pioneer days when the settlers were beginning to develop the area in Osage Precinct, they began to build their homes, schools and churches. But, they needed a place to bury their dead, so William and Caroline Schacht set aside one acre of their farm to be used as a cemetery. It is located two miles north, two miles east, one-half mile north and one-fourth west of Cook on the northeast corner of the Neri Holscher farm. After some inquiry, there is no cemetery plat or any record of burials to be found.
William and Caroline Schacht had two children buried there - Henry and Johannah. His brother, Hermann was buried there in 1890 and Caroline in 1915. A daughter of the Schachts provided funds for a concrete wall or fence to be built around the cemetery for its preservation. Whenever this daughter came to Nebraska for a visit and a visit to the cemetery, she often found the road to be impassable for the lack of maintenance. So, the remains of the relatives named above were exhumed and reinterred in a Lincoln cemetery. There has been no upkeep for a great many years, so the cemetery is in a sad state of neglect." (1)
"It was during the early years of 1860-1861 that Mr. William Schacht plotted his farm in the Territory of Nebraska, Otoe County, Osage Precinct.  The original farm was located 2 1/2 miles north and 1 1/2 east of the present town of Cook, Nebraska.  At that time the land was virgin prairie, with Nebraska City the nearest trading post.  A log cabin was erected and here he established a home for his family. Their lives filled with joys, hopes, and expectations of this new land with faith in the future. There were few pioneer families in that period, in Osage Precinct, but these were not to be spared sickness, sorrow, or death. For all too soon Mr. Schacht dedicated a portion of his land for a burial ground.  He donated one acre, called 'God's Acre', and this hollowed acre was named 'The Schacht Cemetery'.  It was dedicated to all creeds and faiths in the early Osage Community.
One half-acre was used for the final resting places for the dead; the remaining one half-acre to be reserved for future use.  Among the earliest laid to rest were an infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Damme of McWilliams Precinct; a young wife and mother, wife of Mr. Frederick Damme of Osage, and a teenage daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Schacht.  Many more families' names are found on the weather-beaten tombstones. During the years, a rock and stucco fence was erected to enclose 'God's Acre', and relatives gave of their time to beautify the secluded spot each year.  Since the mid thirties, the half-mile road leading to the cemetery was no longer used, so accessibility to the cemetery has prevented the usage of the place.  Thus, with the passing years, it is difficult to locate, and the 'acre' is returning to natural habitat.  But - 'In the Sounds of Time' - the heritage of memory of those beloved pioneers live on.  As quoted from Abraham Lincoln, 'They now belong to the Ages.'"(2)
Burial Listing: The following burial list contains those persons who are still currently buried at the Schacht Cemetery.  Over the past 150 years, at least eight bodies have been exhumed and buried in other cemeteries due ot the deterioration of the cemetery. The remains of Wilhelm Frederich Schacht, his wife, Caroline Johanna, their two children,  Johanna Catherine & Henry Wilhelm, along with Wilhelm's brother, H. Hermann Schacht are now buried in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Damme, Christine 14 Jun 1843 – 17 Aug 1869
Damme, Fredrick W. 15 Apr 1872 – 31 Oct 1882
Ekhoff, Talke M. 7 Jun 1858 - 25 Aug 1876
Elliste, Anna Sophia 8 Jul 1854 – 5 Oct 1880
Finke, Karl Ludwig 20 Nov 1865 – 1 Dec 1889
Larson, Laura M. 4 Mar 1871 – 29 May 1871
Oetken (Schomerus), Johanna Margreta 28 Nov 1828 – 31 May 1882
Oetken, Johanna T. M. 20 May 1874 – 13 Jun 1875
Biographical Information:  Eltiste Family
Gravestone Photographs:
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Cemetery Photographs:
Works Cited:
(1) Schacht, Marvin. Otoe County, Nebraska, 1983: Otoe County History. [Nebraska City, Neb.]: Otoe County Historical Society and Otoe County Museum Society, 1983. 48. Print.

(2) Unknown. "Schacht Cemetery." Print.  Passage provided by Neri Holscher.


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