Dughman Cemetery (Crabtree/Mount Hope)

This cemetery is located 0.25 mile south of the intersection of 12th and Oak roads. This cemetery is also known as the 'Crabtree Cemetery' and 'Mount Hope Cemetery' as well.  The cemetery no longer exists.  All gravestones have either been removed or have deteriorated.
"The property that the cemetery is located on was initially homesteaded by Nathaniel Crabtree.  In February of 1942, the Genealogical Records Committee of Otoe Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution compiled a listing of the remaining gravsestones that were still intact at the Dughman Cemetery.  That listing can be found in the Historical Records of 0toe County, Nebraska, Cemetery Records, Volume I, Towns A - N and Addenda, 1854-1907.  In 2005, Ed and Dori Chrisp visited the farm where the Dughman Cemetery used to be located.  They were informed by the neighbors there that the gravestones no longer exist, and were removed to make a dam and small pond on the east side of the cemetery's location."(1)
"Jonathon Dughman was born April 16th, 1820 in Ohio.  He married Matilda Cox, daughter of Covington and Ephemia Kemp Cox,
March 28th, 1847, in Ohio.  The family moved to Illinois in 1849 where they stayed for several years. In 1856 they moved to Nebraska.  Jonathon and Matilda had 9 children.  Lewis, the oldest, was born in Ohio. Frank M., Effie Emma, and Mary Jane were born in Illinois.  Rachel, George, Elwood, Ida Alice, and Covington (Bud) were born in Nebraska.
According to Nina Grace Dughman (Elwood's daughter), both her grandparents were buried in Rockford Cemetery near church.  All gravestones were destroyed later for some unknown reason.  Two sons and one daughter were buried there also.  Jonathon died at his home near Rockford Church, April 10th, 1889, and was about 68 years old.  Jonathon's father was born in Ohio and his mother in Scotland.  Matilda Cox was born March 1827 in Ohio, both her parents born in Pennsylvania.  She passed away January 30, 1902.  Ida Alice Dughman was born December 11th, 1867, in Otoe County and passed away June 22nd, 1871." (2)
Burial Listing:  A complete listing of burials can be found in the 'Dughman Cemetery' document listed on the left side of this page.
Point of Contact: If you desire more information about this cemetery, please contact the Otoe County Genealogical Society and we will try and provide you with as much information about the cemetery as possible.
Gravestone Photographs:  http://www.findagrave.com
Cemetery Photographs:
Works Cited:
(1) Wolbert, Curtis. "History of the Dughman Cemetery." (2010). Print.

(2) Bundy, Wendy. "Biography of Jonothan Dughman." (2010). Print.


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