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IMG 5629770 G Street
Unadilla, NE 68454-0098
Phone: (402) 828-4655
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Peggy Leefers -
Library President
Office Hours:
Tuesday: 4-6PM
Saturday: 9AM-12PM

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The Unadilla Community Library was started in 1996. It has been housed in the school  library and media department with the help of the Unadilla school board and an inter-local agreement between the two entities.  Many people gave time and money to build the oak shelving and gave books and volunteer hours to staff open hours.  This year our school closed and we remain in the same location at 770 G Street and are expanding the community library while maintaining the children's and student sections for use by all in the area.
The library is currently open Tuesday from 4 to 6 PM and  we will add hours in the near future. We have a nice selection of Nebraska authors and a great selection of local history and early settlers to this area as well as Nebraska history.  The library also has several computers with Internet connection. (1)
New Addition to the Community Library - OCGS Resource Room - down the hall from the Library in the Community Center.  Summer Hours - Thursday Evening 6:30 - 8:30PM or by Appointments:  Barb Wilhelm 402-828-5705.  OCGS holds several meetings in the Resource Room throughout the year.  WIP Project - Otoe County District Records - original documents and searchable database coming soon.
Nebraska City High School Oral History Reports
In June of 2010, the family of Mary Beth Kernes donated 1133 oral history reports to the Otoe County Genealogical Society in an effort to preserve these documents.  Mary Beth Kernes was a History and Social Sciences teacher at Nebraska City High School for many years. During that time, Mary Beth led her students in an oral history project, teaching them to collect family and other local histories in a hands-on manner.  Mary Beth's students conducted oral interviews with local residents, to include their relatives, in an effort to learn more about their topic selection, which ranged from the following topics:
a. Family History
b. Great Depression
c. World War II to the Vietnam War 
These oral transcripts contain a large amount of information about the individual being interviewed, and in the family history reports, there are pedigree charts attached to each of these reports as well.  The Unadilla Community Library has graciously offered to house these reports and is able to photocopy the reports for a minimal fee for anyone requesting a copy.  Please contact the library for further details.
A database of these documents has been established and is listed below in PDF format.  The database has been sorted by three different categories, and each category is sorted in alphabetical order:
1. Subject (Interviewee)
2. Researcher (Interviewer)
3. Category (Topic)
Works Cited:
(1) Leefers, Peggy. "History of the Unadilla Community Library." (2010). Print.

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