Otoe County Civil War Veterans

The project to identify the Civil War veterans buried in Otoe County, Nebraska cemeteries was initiated in 2009 by OCGS member, Dean Podoll.  During the study, Dean verified 317 Civil War veterans that were buried in 23 different Otoe County cemeteries.  In addition, approximately 70 possible Civil War veterans were found during the study as well. Their names are included at the back of each cemetery's summary.
During the project it was determined that Civil War veterans buried in Otoe County cemeteries were from 16 different states and 3 other military units. The other units were:
United States Regular Army
United States Colored Troops (USCT)
United States Navy
The leading states for veterans buried in Otoe County were:
Illinois - 71
Ohio - 35
Iowa - 33
Nebraska - 28
Pennsylvania - 25
Wisconsin - 21
Indiana - 20
Missouri - 20
New York - 16
Kansas - 8
Michigan - 7
US Regular Army - 5
US Colored Troops - 4
Kentucky - 4
Maryland - 3
Nebraska Soldiers buried in Otoe County
Two Nebraska Regiments served during the Civil War. The 1st Nebraska Infantry/Cavalry and 2nd Nebraska Cavalry were comprised of mostly Nebraska residents.
The 1st Nebraska Infantry was organized in Omaha during the summer of 1861. The unit fought at the Battles of Fort Donelson (February 13-16, 1862) and Shiloh (April 6-7, 1862). The 1st Nebraska Infantry was converted to a cavalry unit on November 6, 1863. The 1st Nebraska Cavalry returned to Omaha in the summer of 1864 and was assigned to operations against the Indians in Nebraska and Colorado until July, 1866.
The 2nd Nebraska Cavalry was organized in the fall of 1862. The original mission of the 2nd Nebraska was to protect the Nebraska Territory from Indian uprising. Eight companies of the 2nd Nebraska Cavalry were reassigned to the 1863 Sioux Campaign and fought at the Battle of Whitestone Hill in 1863. It was mustered out of the service by the end of 1863.
Twenty-eight Nebraska soldiers are buried in Otoe County. Some of the pertinent facts relating to the soldiers include:
17 soldiers served in the 1st Nebraska
11 soldiers served in the 2nd Nebraska.
21 of the soldiers are buried in the Wyuka Cemetery in Nebraska City.
10 of the 11 soldiers in the 2nd Nebraska served in Company F from the Nebraska City area. The 11th soldier was a surgeon from Nebraska City that served on the regimental staff.
Civil War Veteran Burials in Otoe County


23. Wyuka Cemetery