Otoe County Pioneers

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Otoe County Genealogical Society's Pioneer Certificate Program
Many of the early pioneers who have helped make Nebraska a great state have been lost in history because no other information existed except in family records. In order to gather information on these pioneers, the Otoe County Genealogical Society is issuing certificates to direct descendants of a person who lived in Otoe County, Nebraska as of 31 December 1900.  Eligibility classifications for these certificates are:
1.  Territorial:  Prior to 1 March 1867
2.  Pioneer:  1 March 1867 - 31 December 1880
3.  Early Settler:  1 January 1881 - 31 December 1900
Issued Certificates:
001TerritorialCurtis WolbertFriedrich Damme
002TerritorialMichael Hintz  Cyrus Reed
003Early Settler    Don Schreiner        George Schreiner
004TerritorialWilliam Cook          Jahue Cook
005TerritorialLarry Whitten Jacob Whitten
006Pioneer    Linda Yarberry       Daniel Neihart
007Early Settler     Linda Yarberry       Michael Johns
008TerritorialJudith Moore          Enoch Masters
009TerritorialJudith Moore  Samuel Masters
010Pioneer    Judith Moore  Jonas Sugden
011TerritorialSharson Larson       William Powell
012TerritorialBernard Martin David Martin
013TerritorialSusan Cruser   Fleming Robb
014TerritorialJoseph Cruser  Fleming Robb
015Pioneer    Patsy Powers  Cyrus Graves
016Pioneer            Keith Halvorsen      John Halvorsen
017Early Settler     Jerre Robertson      William Jennings
018               Territorial        Daniel Thomson         Arthur Thomson
019TerritorialMargaret Cruser       Fleming Robb
020Pioneer   Wendy Bunde         Charles D. Ostrander
021Pioneer          Charles D. Ostrander
022Pioneer  Charles D. Ostrander
023Pioneer  Charles D. Ostrander
024Pioneer  Charles D. Ostrander
025Pioneer  Charles D. Ostrander
026`      Pioneer   Charles D. Ostrander
027Pioneer  Charles D. Ostrander
028Pioneer  Charles D. Ostrander
029TerritorialSusan Rice      Ellen Hughes Balfour
030               Territorial       James R. Vincent        Solomon Martin
031               Territorial       James R. Vincent        Mary (Martin) Cowles
032               Territorial       James R. Vincent        Charles H. Cowles
033               Territorial       James R. Vincent        Charles C. Cowles
034                Territorial      Brett Harpster              Luzerne Wells
035                Pioneer         Donna Duerksen         Samuel T. Lyon
036          Early Settler        Donna Duerksen        Isaac Preston Taylor
037          Early Settler      Janet Kennedy             Hannah Graves Johnson
038              Pioneer          Janet Kennedy            Susan Moore Graves Hancock
 PDFicon Pioneer Application                PDFicon Line of Descent
To apply for a certificate, all an applicant needs to do is complete the Pioneer Application and Line of Descent forms listed below, and then submit adequate documentation to substantiate the information included in the line of descent chart.  This documentation need only be an official record of some type (i.e. census records, obituaries, county histories, birth, death or marriage records, school or church records, newspaper clippings or any other types of records showing proof).  *Please do not send original copies of these records, only photocopies.

The application, line of descent chart,  and documentation sent to establish eligibility for a certificate will be kept on file in the Genealogy Reference Section of the Unadilla Community Library in Unadilla, Nebraska for future genealogical researchers to reference.  The cost of the certificate is $15.00 which covers the cost of printing and shipping & handling.

 Pioneer Certificate Below:

Pioneer Certificate B

Territorial Certificate Below:

Territorial Pioneer Certificate 150 BD b