Research Links

Cemetery Research:
Otoe Co. NEGenWeb Cemeteries (Otoe County cemetery listings)
Find A Grave (Otoe County cemetery listings & photographs)
Nebraska Gravestones (Nebraska Gravestone Photo Project)
Allplaces (Search for cemeteries with maps)
Nebraska Funeral Homes Directory (Current funeral home listing)
Nebraska Funeral Homes of the Past (Former funeral home listing)
Family Search - Databases - FREE Search
Immigration Research:
Castle Garden (New York City passenger arrivals: 1830-1892)
Ellis Island(New York City passenger arrivals: 1892-1954)
Immigration Records (U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services)
Immigrant Ships Transcrbers Guild (Ship passenger lists)
National Archives - Passenger Lists (Locate passenger lists)
Land Research:
Otoe County Assessor (Current Otoe County land records)
GLO Land Plat Search (Nebraska Surveyor's Office)
General Land Office Records (Bureau of Land Management)
Libraries & Genealogical Resources:
Otoe Co. NEGenWeb (Otoe County genealogy resources)
Morton-James Library (Otoe County genealogical holdings)
Syracuse Public Library (Otoe County genealogical holdings)
Talmage Public Library (Otoe County genealogical holdings)
Omaha Public Libraries (Genealogy Department)
Nebraska Public Libraries (Nebraska Library Commission)
Nebraska State Depository Libraries (Nebraska Library Commission)
Message Boards:
Military Research:
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System (National Park Service)
Nebraska State Historical Society Databases:
Nebraska State Historical Society (NSHS database listing)
NSHS Library Search (Search NSHS archives for manuscripts)
Nebraska Church Records Database (Church records directory)
Nebraska Newspaper Database (State newspaper directory)
Nebraska County Atlas Search (Searchable database)
Chronicling America (Historical Newspapers-Library of Congress)
Genealogy Bank (Nebraska Obituaries)
Genealogy Bank (United States Obituaries)
Nebraska Obituaries (Nebraska Obituary Archive)
Nebraska Press Association (Newspaper Contact Information)
Obituaries Help (Nebraska Newspapers)
Obituaries Help (United States Newspapers)
Obits Archive (Nebraska Newspapers)
Otoe County History:
Wildwood Historic Center (Nebraska City)
Otoe County Historical & Vital Records:
Otoe County Clerk (Otoe County marriage records)
Nebraska County Courthouses (Nebraska courthouses listing)
Nebraska HHS (Order birth, death, mariage & divorce records)
Nebraska Clerks Information (By city & township)
Surname Research:
RootsWeb(Surname research database)
Family Search (LDS research database)
U.S. Historical & Vital Records Databases:
Alabama Historical Records (Alabama State Archives)
Alaska Historical Records (Alaska State Archives)
Arkansas Historical Records (Arkansas History Commission)
California Historical Records (Online Archive of California)
Colorado Vital Records (Colorado State Archives)
Connecticut Historical Records (Connecticut State Library)
Delaware Historical Records (Delaware Public Archives)
Florida Memory Project (Florida State Library & Archives)
Georgia Digital Records (Digital Library of Georgia)
Georgia Historical Records (Georgia Archives)
Hawaii Historical Records (Hawaii State Archives)
Illinois Vital Records (Illinois State Archives)
Indiana Historical Records (Indiana State Digital Archives)
Indiana Vital Records (Indiana State Library)
Kansas Historical Records (Kansas State Historical Society)
Kentucky Historical Records (Kentucky Historical Society)
Louisiana Biography & Obituary Index (New Orleans Public Library)
Louisiana Historical Records (Louisiana State Archives)
Maine Memory Project (Maine Historical Society)
Maine Vital Records (Maine State Archives)
Maryland Historical Records (Maryland State Archives)
Western Maryland Historical Records (Western Maryland Historical Library)
Massachusetts Vital Records (Massachusetts Archives)
Michigan Vital Records (Michigan Archives)
Minnesota Vital Records (Minnesota Historical Society)
Mississippi Vital Records (Mississippi Department of Archives)
Missouri Digital Heritage (Missouri State Archives)
Missouri Vital Records (Missouri State Archives)
Montana Historical Records (Montana Historical Society)
Nebraska Historical Records (Nebraska State Historical Society)
New Hampshire Historical Records (New Hampshire State Archives)
New Jersey Historical Records (New Jersey State Library)
New York Historical Records (New York State Archives)
New York Military Records (New York State Military Museum)
North Carolina Historical Records (North Carolina State Archives)
North Dakota Death Records (North Dakota Department of Health)
North Dakota Historical Records (North Dakota State University)
Ohio Death Certificates (Ohio Historical Society)
Ohio Memory (Ohio Historical Society)
Oklahoma Historical Records (Oklahoma Historical Society)
Oregon Historical Records (Oregon State Archives)
Pennsylvania Historical Records (Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania Military Records (Pennsylvania State Archives)
Rhode Island Historical Records (Rhode Island Historical Society)
South Carolina Historical Records (South Caroilna State Archives)
South Dakota Birth Records (South Dakota DHHS)
South Dakota Historical Records (South Dakota State Historical Society)
Tennessee Historical Records (Tennessee State Library and Archives)
Tennessee Virtual Archive (Tennessee State Library and Archives)
Texas Historical Records (Texas State Library and Archives Commission)
Utah Cemetery & Burial Database (Utah State History)
Utah Digital Newspapers (University of Utah)
Vermont Historical Records (Vermont Historical Society)
Virginia Genealogy ('My Virginia Genealogy')
Virginia Historical Records (Virginia Historical Society)
Virginia Memory (Library of Virginia)
Washington State Historical Newspapers (Washington Secretary of State)
West Virginia Historical Records (West Virginia Division of Culture and History)
Wisconsin Vital Records (Wisconsin Historical Society)

Wyoming Newspaper Project (Wyoming State Library)